Lamborghini Huracan EVO RWD Supercar is Now Available as Blockchain Stamps

The Blockchain sector is improving into a completely new zone where you will be able to collect Blockchain stamps of unique items.

As these stamps are available in limited quantities, they are expected to have huge value in the future. The Lamborghini Huracan EVO RWD happens to be the one now to join the list of the latest Blockchain collectible offer.

Lamborghini is a luxury car brand manufacturer owned by Volkswagen and if you are a seasoned car lover, probably this is lame news to you! The brand has partnered with a company named BITSTAMPS that enables stamps created using Blockchain technology. Being part of this innovative tech stands for exclusivity because once it is assigned to a person, no one else will be able to own that part of the chain, making it more valuable and hence luxurious in the long run.

The latest in the line-up, the Huracan is part of the Automobili Lamborghini collection and they have already signed up to have digital stamps for 29 cars from this particular collection. Luxury car owners are always keen on building an exclusive network and chain of collectibles that no one else is in possession of. When a new stamp is issued, it will be recorded in the Blockchain and only 20,000 stamps with unique ID numbers will be issued for the Huracan EVO RWD edition.

BITSTAMPS offers a way for collectors to digitally collect stamps that showcase Lamborghini cars from a specific year and model. They are unique, expensive and are limited in numbers which makes them as special as owning a luxury car. The user will be able to send e-post cards by using the stamps, which makes them possibly a tool that can be used in the real world and to let others know you own a Blockchain stamp.

Apart from these brands, there are a couple of other brands that focus on offering users a way to collect collectibles within the Blockchain community – Panini America and Fantastec are two known brands, which focuses on making their products unique, usable and be able to track their origin through decades which adds up to their lifetime value in the future.

Lamborghini continues to release upgraded versions of their popular cars and it is safe to assume that they will release more such stamps as the official launch for these models take place. A dedicated app allows users to monitor their collection and build it over time.

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