Lamborghini is Working on its Own Electric Hypercar

Big brands shied away from going electric because they strongly opined that EVs may not be as powerful as their petrol counterparts.

But, now Lamborghini is going to take the plunge into the world of electric hypercars.


The video comes from a German automobile magazine that revealed that Lamborghini is keen on building its own electric hypercar. The engineers are working hard to ensure that they don’t have to compromise on performance, style or overall deliverance of the car. It is supposed to be exactly the same as any Lamborghini model that has been released in the past.

Inside rumors claimed that the car will be built on the J1 architecture. It might share some similarities with the Porsche Mission E concept model which also includes an integrated fast charging system. Supposed to be named as the Lamborghini Vitola, the model will have an acceleration capability that allows it to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. The speed is slightly higher than what the Aventador SV is but it is important to take into account that this proposed concept will run on an electric motor.

The top speed of the new EV is touch 186 miles per hour. Lamborghini’s direct rival, Porsche’s Mission E all-electric concept car will offer similar numbers with a total of 600 horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. Initially, all top brands didn’t want to risk entering the electric car segment. However, with changing times they hardly had the chance to say no to it. The cars are pure electric models and doesn’t have any petrol or diesel engine to support them.

Lamborghini Working on its Own Hypercar

The performance numbers of the Lamborghini Vitola, the new EV under development is completely based on its electric motor and the built-in battery. The car is expected to produce about 800 horsepower so as to offer much higher performance than the existing Aventador SV that makes about 740 horsepower. The EV will be a limited edition model and will be priced on the higher end.

While it is going to be an elite launch for starters, Lamborghini has never been a commuters’ choice at any point. The brand always produces expensive vehicles and the upcoming electric model will be no different. There is no official confirmation from the brand yet but it won’t be long before they reveal the Vitalo and their possible stint with a lineup of electric vehicles.

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