Land Rover Builds Bulletproof Range Rover Sentinel

From the outside, the Range Rover Sentinel looks like any standard and normal Range Rover. However, what nobody notices from the outside is that the Sentinel is a bulletproof car, a vehicle able to survive anything but a nuclear explosion.

The Ranger Rover Sentinel was built by the Special Vehicle Operations department in Land Rover, designed especially for security conscious buyers.

Land Rover

Aside from being bulletproof, the Range Rover Sentinel is also sniper-resistant and bomb proof. The luxury fortress can shake off anything that attackers throw at it.

The base of the Sentinel is an Autobiography model with a six-piece passenger cell added. The passenger seats are made of high-strength steel to protect them from potential attacks. The standard windows are replaced with multi-laminated bulletproof windows. To top it all, Land Rover has added armored panels to protect the driver and passengers from grenades and other armor-piercing weapons.

Aside from the standard security features, the Range Rover Sentinel features self-sealing fuel tank, an anti-tamper exhaust, split charging system and backup battery. The tires system is unique, with Land Rover adding flat inserts into the standard tires. The system allows the vehicle to move even when the tires are deflated. The driver has an opening of 100m at the window, from which he can deliver documents. The Sentinel also has an external speaker system and emergency service lights as optional safety features.

In a situation when the front doors are blocked, passengers can also get out and escape through the rear seats. The rear seats feature special escape system for such emergencies.

Land Rover had to update suspension to make the Sentinel able to cope with the extra weight. The new suspension system delivers the same comfortable driving experience, as well as handling and off-road adventures. Whether you are driving a normal Range Rover or the bulletproof version, there is no difference in the driving experience.

Land Rover Bulletproof Sentinel

Powered by a 3.0-liter V6 engine, the Sentinel delivers 335hp. The supercharged gasoline engine is accompanied by an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The Range Rover Sentinel will be available in the Middle East, Africa, UK, Europe and South America from September for a price of $445,380 without taxes. The Sentinel is the first fully armored Range Rover that is entirely engineered by the SVO division.

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