Land Rover Defender is a Sturdy Off-Roader Set for 2018 Debut

Land Rover Defender is a rugged off-road vehicle which is expected to be out in the year 2018.

It could probably hit international dealerships in 2019 as the brand is still working on finalizing its design and features.


The company has been doing the same vehicles over and over for a very long time. With the entire automobile industry moving towards futuristic designs and hybrid engines, it is time Land Rover reinvented itself. The brand plans to do so the same and is all set to take a bold step towards next gen. They have confirmed that they will stop production of the existing Defender models in the month of January after which the entire team will work on building the new generation version of the SUV.

Even though, the vehicle has been available in different parts of the world, it was not sold to the U.S. customers since 1997. With nearly two decades break, Land Rover is going to come back with the Defender which will be available in two different variants, – one sporting a two door model and a larger one with four doors.

The wheelbase of the car will witness a significant increase which allows the designers to integrate more cargo space and legroom for the passengers. According to inside sources, the company aims to create the Defender in a way that it sits comfortable in between the luxurious Discovery and the compact Range Rover series.

Both these cars have a strong fan base and have regular buyers around the globe. Land Rover aims to make their Defender equally popular. At the moment, only limited quantities are being manufactured, but the company aims to sell at least 100,000 vehicles every year with their next gen launch.

Land Rover Defender

While the car will be extremely sturdy and robust on the road, they are also working to ensure that it weighs less. Carbon fiber construction will play an integral role in making the car tough, yet lightweight, leading to better mileage, fuel efficiency and ease of driving on rugged roads. The vehicle will also use lightweight aluminum parts to make it weigh less, but at the same time more luxurious and integrate all the necessary features for a comfortable ride.

With at least three years to go before its official launch, we may have to wait for a long time before official details from Land Rover start pouring in. The vehicle is still in its early stages of design.

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