Land Rover Discovery Sport Officially Launched, Specs and Variants Confirmed

The Discovery Sport is a popular variant of Land Rover that the SUV enthusiasts have been looking forward to for sometime now. If you have missed to notice its arrival, there’s nothing to worry about because we have all the details you need to know about this amazing cruiser.

After a long wait, the vehicle has been officially unveiled in Malaysia and is expected to hit multiple countries in the following months. Land Rover has launched two different variants of the Discovery Sport, each one designed to satisfy varied group of buyers. The first one is obviously a petrol variant which is powered by a 2.0 liter Si4 engine and the second one is a 2.2 liter SD4 diesel variant aimed at the budget conscious buyers.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

A wide range of unique features have been stuffed into the Sport. Not many SUVs can boast of amazing off-road stability combined with superior comfort, but this new launch from Land Rover has been aimed to deliver both at once. The vehicle boasts of a great off road capability, on-road dynamics, comfortable interiors with sufficient legroom and lightweight construction which plays an important role in giving the driver complete control on demanding roads.

The petrol variant of the vehicle offers 237bhp combined 349Nm while the diesel variant is much lower at 187bhp with 420 Nm. A nine speed automatic transmission system allows the drivers to easily control the vehicle and exert less pressure on them when going on long drives. The four wheel drive renders amazing stability and control on slopes. It can handle a 45-degree climb with relative ease which when combined with the 600mm ground clearance makes it a rugged, luxury SUV for non-stop travelling.

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery Sport has been made to be an all-terrain vehicle and the term ‘discovery’ has been christened to the vehicle encouraging buyers to discover unexplored depths of the world with ease. The SUV has a terrain response system which has four different modes including a general, dry grass gravel, snow as well as an off-road setting.

Safety features include roll stability control, automatic braking system, hill descent control, gradient release and seven different air bags to ensure the safety of riders in case of an unexpected collision. The Discover Sport has been priced at RM 399,000 in Malaysia, excluding taxes, but if you are planning to buy one in your region, it is better to wait for the official pricing.

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