Land Rover is Bringing the Iconic Defender Back in 2018, Among Other New Releases

It has been more than two decades since Land Rover sold the Defender in the US. After two decades, it is time for a fresh start and the company is bringing the iconic Defender back to the US with a planned 2018 launch.

The new line-up is expected in 2018. This year, the company plans to invest $5.3 billion in new products and their development.


Next year, we will see a concept version of the Land Rover Defender, giving the fans an impression of what they can expect from the rugged SUV.

Most importantly, the company promises to deliver a family oriented Defender. The world has changed a lot since the first Defender and Land Rover is trying to catch up on the trends and deliver modern and durable off the road SUV.

One thing that is reported is that the new Defender might adopt the aluminum-intensive body that has become signature mark of Jaguar Land Rover. The company has yet to confirm the information, but many experts believe that will be the road that Land Rover will take to make the vehicle more modern.

At the moment, Land Rover has a wide lineup of engines and one of those should power the Defender. Among the more plausible scenarios are the 5.0 liter V8 engine, the 3.0 liter V6 and the new 2.0 liter diesel engine.

When the Defender is on the market, the SUV will face a tough competition. Among the vehicles that the Land Rover Defender will have to defeat for the title of “best rugged SUV” are the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the Jeep Wrangler. The price of $55,000 for the entry model makes the Defender among the cheapest versions in the class.

Land Rover

The Land Rover Defender is the least expensive SUV in the LR palette. In 2018, the company is rumored to launch five versions, two of which will be two-door models. The other three versions include possible two door pickup, four-door pickup and another four door version that is in the shadow at the moment.

By the second half of 2015, Land Rover is also planning a new Range Rover Evoque model. By the time the Defender hits the market, Land Rover will unveil several other SUVs. The timeline at the moment includes the Evoque for the second half of 2015. The Evoque will get both a standard and a convertible version with the convertible scheduled for early 2016.

In the first half of 2016, the company will also release a refreshed version of the Range Rover Sport. The new version will get new turbocharged V6 engine, with both diesel and gasoline versions available.

In 2017, the LR4 will get its new name. The LR4 will be renamed into Land Rover Discovery, with a completely new design.

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  1. $55k is cheap? The last defenders sold in the US for less than $35k new. $55k puts them against full size premium SUVs in the US like Escalade. While the original defender was in a class of its own off road, I wouldn’t bet the incoming model will match.

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