Land Rover Reveals 2016 Discovery Sport Dynamic in a Bright Red and Black Variant

Ever since Land Rover launched their Discovery series, it has caught the attention of buyers because of its sophisticated features and performance. 

If you are planning to buy one of them, but kept the idea on hold for a color variant that could look prominent on the road, the Land Rover 2016 Discovery Sport Dynamic in bright red and black design should be the one to go for. It boasts of the most striking color combination in recent times with a highly subtle red tone which is equally accentuated by a black grille, wheels and the top. The designers have even opted for completely black glasses to suit the concept that they aimed to achieve.

Land Rover Defender

The existing 2016 Discovery Sport black package is hardly any different from the newly launched Dynamic variant except for the color strokes that Land Rover has decided to add to it. Everything that is not red in the car has been painted black including the license plates, tail lamps, turn signals and the rims. The silver coated exhaust outlet is an added advantage for those who have already made their minds to go for this Dynamic Discovery.

The red and black variant of the car was originally showcased during the Frankfurt auto show. While the brand didn’t confirm whether the exact same design will be available in Europe as well as other regions, including the United States, it is obvious that they may not make much of a change so as to deliver what they promised to their loyal customers. After all, if someone wants to skip the conventional black 2016 Discovery Sport, it is because of the fact that they wanted to go for a brighter color variant.


It is obvious that Land Rover is supposed to deliver what they are looking for without changing any of the aspects. The Discovery Sport has some niche features including off road low speed cruise control, all terrain progress control and a launch control. By using the launch control, drivers can get complete control over slippery roads, especially when it rains and go for a smooth start than launching the car at full speed.

Land Rover has also integrated motion sensors and a power tailgate to the 2016 Discovery Sport so that it gives an able competition to similar variants from Ford and Nissan. The company didn’t reveal the official pricing of the new dynamic model yet. It should probably be out before the pre-orders open.

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