Land Rover Tag System Found Intuitive and Useful to Find Lost Items

For a long time, losing small items has been a consistent issue.

People end up losing their keys, wallets and smartphones all the time which is what the new Jaguar Land Rover aims to fix with their tag system.

Jaguar Land-Rover New App

The technology is simple but extremely useful because it allows one to easily find the location of their keys or any small items with the help of Bluetooth connectivity system. The Tile ecosystem is the newly introduced concept which will be bundled with all future Land Rover cars. It uses a simple tile shaped plastic which is connected to an app on your smartphone. You no longer have to keep fumbling through things to find that wallet or key again. The app makes life easier.

In an extensive study, Jaguar found that people spend 33 minutes every day finding objects they misplaced. These are not stolen or lost items but rather everyday stuff that goes missing at an unexpected hour. When one is about to leave their home, they find the keys are not in the usual place. They start looking for it and lose valuable minutes. The Tile ecosystem aims to end this trouble once for all. It is not only controlled using the app on your phone but can also be accessed through the infotainment system in the car.

Jaguar in their interview said that they are the first to introduce such a useful technology and link it with their car’s system. Land Rover has done a lot of things to improve performance and comfort in the past but this is truly unique. Even though, it might sound trivial, it comes in handy at crucial moments. A list of essential items can be created and tagged using the tile. The tag will ensure that they are present in the car when you are about to drive.

Land Rover and Jaguar infotainment system

If one of them is missing, the infotainment system will automatically trigger an alarm and notify the item that is not in the vehicle. The only drawback at the moment is that the app wouldn’t check for items as soon as you start the car. Instead, you have to manually open it up and ask it to scan for them.

It won’t be long before Land Rover rolls out a software upgrade to trigger the tile app to search for items automatically. It would be a welcome addition for many who end up leaving essential stuff back home.

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