LeEco Teases its Own Electric Autonomous Car, Exclusive to China

Big time auto manufacturers are still finding ways to implement electric cars in the market while autonomous vehicles are a thing of the future.

However, LeEco the smartphone and television manufacturer is building a car of its own.


The company has been long associated with such gadgets but they are taking a huge leap forward. The brand has already invested a solid share in the company Faraday Future. They also have a part to play in Aston Martin. It is clearly evident that LeEco is trying to make a mark in the automobile industry and they confirmed it one more time by launching a new electric car which can actually move.

Faraday Future earlier showcased a model which is too much of a concept boasting of 1000 horsepower but hardly had a design to suit the real roads. LeEco had concepts of their own but this is the first time they have come up with a feasible model. In order to showcase that it is indeed a working concept, they drove it from a box onto the stage. Even though, it’s a short distance, it confirmed their commitment to the industry and to make real cars.

Besides being a fully electric model, the car also boasts of autonomous features. Revealing the vehicle on stage, Jia Yueting, CEO of LeEco showed how the car could park on its own and its self-driving capabilities. Driving the car through such short distances is easy but bringing it to the real world with automatic technology may take a long time.

While LeEco is still a long way to go before it can roll out the model to dealership stores in China, the expo was a great start for the brand which is interested in creating something substantial in the automobile industry. The brand also released an official video showcasing various features of the car including its doors, seats which can adopt to the shape of the passenger and touchscreens mounted on the front seat for maximum entertainment on the go.


The electric autonomous car is also equipped with the best video and audio entertainment system combined with features like facial recognition. A more detailed launch is expected to be take place after sometime this year but an actual production version of the car is nowhere close by. The brand has to take practical issues into account before introducing such features and make it affordable so as to reach buyers.

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