Legionnaires Disease: Officials Investigating Cause in Florida Hotel

legionnaires-diseaseAn investigation continues after three confirmed cases of Legionnaires disease was documented at in Altamonte Springs, Florida hotel. Health officials began investigating the SpringHill Suites Hotel Altamonte Springs after being notified by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“During early May, two cases of Legionnaires’ were reported to us from the CDC,” Florida Department of health official spokeswoman, Mirna Chamorro said.

“They both stayed at the same hotel.”

Officials sent letters to all guests who stayed there between March 25 and April 24, said Chamorro.

Chamorro said the hotel is safe for guests to stay in the and spa and hotel were reopened days after inspection.

Meanwhile in Lacey, Washington a motel that closed voluntarily after three cases of Legionnaires disease has reopened. Thurston County says the Super 8 Motel reopened after completing water treatment recommendations issued by county health officials.

Symptoms of Legionnaires disease are similar to pneumonia and include fever, tiredness, aches and pains,  cough, chest pain and diarrhea and usually last between two and 10 days.

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