Lexus LC500h is a Hybrid Luxury Coupe, Coming to Geneva Show

The LC luxury coupe is one of the hottest cars from Lexus and it is getting even more exotic with a hybrid variant set for launch at the Geneva Motor Show.

The car has been aptly named as the LC500h, in which the ‘h’ denotes that, its hybrid. The vehicle is powered by a brand new technology named the Lexus Multi-Stage hybrid system. LC500 is such a new brand for Lexus. The first car in the series was launched at the Detroit Motor Show last year and within such a short period; the brand is ready to add a hybrid variant to the series.


More than being a thing of luxury, hybrids and electric models are here to stay, so as to cope up with growing emission issues. By adding style and substance to the hybrids, car manufacturers believe that it would help them reach the masses without intimidating them with the fact that their car uses two different engines to run.

Lexus, in order to keep the surprise factor intact, has refrained from revealing the powertrain used in the LC500h. But, in an official statement, the company said, “It will provide a higher performance combined with reliable fuel efficiency and a comfortable ride for everyone onboard”.

The LC series of cars from Lexus are based on the LF-LC concept model showcased sometime ago. The original LC500 houses an extremely powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine. The same is already being used on GS F and the RC F. The engine renders a total of 467 horsepower and has 389 lb feet of torque. It can zoom from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. It uses a rear wheel driving system and has a ten-speed automatic gearbox system.

Besides the usual bells and whistles, the car houses Lexus’s own infotainment system and has a dashboard completely made of digital instruments. Analog controls are becoming nostalgic even though you might occasionally spot a volume control or some other knob. The Lexus LC500h hybrid vehicle is built on the robust GA-L platform.


According to the company, the LC cars are a brand new phase for Lexus as they are looking forward to implementing brand new design, concepts and engineering prowess. The LC cars use steel and aluminum components which are extremely lightweight, despite being high on strength and sustainability. It has helped the engineers keep the weight of the car really low.

Official pricing and specifications of the hybrid Lexus LC will be out at the Geneva show.

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