Lexus LF-FC Gets Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cells

The Tokyo Motor Show was in for a surprise when Lexus announced their new LF-FC powered by a hydrogen power cell.

The powertrain is equipped with this brand new technology and will be found in all future generation models from the brand.

Lexus LF-FC

The model features a striking design sporting four doors and a bold front grille. It adds a lot of splendor to the already huge sized LF-FC. The existing coupe concept car has helped in designing the upcoming FC powered by a hydrogen cell power train. The front end is now made angular while the sides are curvier and designed to give a sleek appearance to the car.

The existing Lexus LS is at least three years old by now making it quite old in terms of innovations done by automobile industry. The company is working with a motto to design and create technology which is futuristic. They are making a benchmark sedan and it is going to be the outline for all future models. The proposed concept will take at least another two to three years before it hits dealership stores.

Majority of the power for the model is rendered by the powertrain which is equipped with futuristic hydrogen power cells. There are two different electric motors mounted in the Lexus LF-FC but in order to maintain uniformity and better performance at all times, the power is split and the rear axle receives the most power. Whenever increased torque is required, the power is rendered to the front axle.

When compared to the fuel cells and energy distribution found in the Mirai fuel cells, the current setup used in the new Lexus is completely different but it is also said to deliver better efficiency on the long run. A bunch of new technology has been incorporated into the vehicle.

Lexus LF-FC 1

Majority of such technology which was considered futuristic is now commonly found in almost every automobile model. It includes an infotainment system featuring a large touchscreen which also supports gesture based commands. The car has autonomous driving technology including automatic emergency braking and a holographic projection is also in the cards. Similar idea was already proposed by Porsche for their upcoming electric car.

The models are all scheduled for launch towards the end of 2020 giving a solid headstart for these next gen technology to roll out and be adopted by all automobile manufacturers. Until then, Tesla is leading the race with their Model S EV.

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