Lexus LS is Coming in 2018, Spy Photos Are Online

The Lexus LS is a favorite among buyers but the car has started showing its age recently.

The outgoing model will be refreshed in 2018 and spy photos confirmed that the manufacturers are busy testing the next gen version.

Lexus LS 2018

When a popular car is about to go out of fashion, it should be refreshed. The engineers always have a tough time trying to retain some of the best features that made the model great in the first place. A similar situation is faced by Lexus LS makers because they just can’t make drastic changes. It might put off long time fans who opt for a LS as soon as it gets released. At the same time, they are supposed to add some new features to attract potential crowd.

The spy pictures obviously show a camouflaged version of the new Lexus LS. It is difficult to see the design and the front fascia of the car. The test mule is promising and is going to be a steady competitor for the Mercedes S-Class. The lights are glued onto the car as found in many new generation Lexus cars while other new components are secured inside the camouflage.

According to the spy photos, we can confirm that Lexus LS is keen to strike a competition against the BMW 7 series. The top of the line model from BMW is known for its exquisite comfort, finish and innovative technological features. Lexus plans to adopt them all so that they could join the elite crowd this time. It is rumored that as the car is slated to get launched two years from now, it will be equipped with the best autonomous technology available.

Most automobile manufacturers are planning to provide self-driving and electrified technology in 2018. Lexus is expected to do the same. They may also make some minor modifications enabling the Lexus LS to achieve better performance and fuel efficiency. Despite the spike in battery powered cars, gasoline engines are not going anywhere anytime soon because they are still reliable and are the best powertrains to achieve breathtaking speed.

Lexus LS

During an auto show, Lexus added that the brand has planned to launch hydrogen fuel powered luxury cars. It may get launched before 2020. Meanwhile, the company will continue to churn out a bunch of cars powered by V6 and V8 engines. Stay tuned with us and we will bring you more information on the LS.

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