Lexus Set to Replace CT 200h, Crossover Hybrid Being Considered

The Prius based CT 200h is currently witnessing low sales which has got the engineers at Lexus consider axe the model.

In its place, they are planning to launch a new crossover hybrid model.

Lexus LF SA front

The information came from the company’s European boss, Alain Uyttenhoven. When it comes from a reliable source as this one, there is no point in questioning its authenticity. The CT 200h is available in Europe now and has been dull in terms of sales for many months now. It is a small luxury car which failed to entice customers into going for it. Besides, the brand’s head commented that the particular segment is not the lucrative one in the region. However, the crossover vehicles are always popular among buyers there.

Designers are considering the possibility of using styling and elements from the LF-SA concept car in order to build the new crossover hybrid. The concept was originally launched at the 2015 Geneva motor show. The luxury brand Lexus has sold over 652,000 cars around the globe but they couldn’t gain so much market share in Europe. Over 750,000 cars are being sold in the region every year and Lexus has very little impact in these huge numbers.

Diesel powered cars are in the cards as the automobile manufacturer believes that they could grab this market share where other major brands are losing their grip. After the Volkswagen fiasco, all the cars under the parent company lost its credential among buyers. Lexus dreams to make use of this situation to their advantage. However, European laws are strict when it comes to emission control and they are to meet them all before selling these diesel cars in mass numbers.

The RX and NX crossover series from Lexus are the top selling models globally. Half of the vehicles sold by the brand where crossovers which stands proof for the fact that the brand is indeed the strongest in making best crossovers.

Lexus LF SA

There is no word on when Lexus plans to show a concept of the crossover hybrid but it won’t be long as a replacement for the CT 200h is essential at the moment. The auto manufacturer should bring it out in the next two years so that they can give buyers choice of vehicles before other companies come up with their own hybrids and electrified cars in 2018. Lexus is dreaming big and let’s hope they deliver as promised.

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