Lexus UX Concept Model Photos Revealed Ahead of Paris Auto Expo

The new Lexus UX concept was expected to make its first appearance at the upcoming 2016 Paris Auto Show. Just days before the event, the official photos of the subcompact crossover had emerged online.

The announcement from the company came hours after the photos got leaked. They decided to not wait any longer and announced the new concept model. It was published in multiple websites even before the automaker could respond. The model has been designed from the scratch by the European Lexus design center.


At first look, the car looks similar to existing Lexus models but it has undergone some drastic changes to give it a futuristic makeover. The entire car is dominated by many sharp edges giving it the much needed aggressive look. Everything including the taillights, fenders, C-pillars and other components in the Lexus UX concept has a sharp finish.

The door handle is now seamless as it mimics a connection between the front and the rear handle. However, it doesn’t merge with each other and works independently. The new design contributes to the car’s current outlook. Being a concept model, chances are high that the final UX edition may look completely different from what is being offered now. The third brake light has been mounted in an unconventional place, on top of the rear spoiler.

If confirmed, the Lexus UX will be using the new global architecture developed by Toyota. It is already used in the CH-R and the new generation Prius model. With the architecture, Lexus will probably go for a hybrid powertrain. The platform can accommodate both a petrol or diesel engine along with an electricmotor.

Inside sources suggest that Lexus is going to go for a model that would efficiently replace the existing CT 200h hatchback. It will follow the series pioneered by the NX and the RX. When the concept car launches, it is going to be a direct competitor to models like BMW X1, Audi Q2 and the Mercedes Benz GLA car.


Lexus has been experiment in multiple segments of late and has experienced success in some areas. They are yet to expand their lineup much further so as to offer buyers different choices and to go for their brand at any point. The company is also going for hybrids and possibly electric cars in the future when they are done finding the right platform to do so. The concept car will be further detailed at the Paris auto show next week.

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