Lexus UX Concept Revealed at the Paris Auto Expo

Lexus has envisioned a premium automobile with all the features and functionalities a future car should have.

The UX concept SUV was revealed at the 2016 Paris auto expo.

Lexus UX Concept

The concept was designed from the scratch by the ED2 design center located in France. Speaking about the model, the President of ED2, Simon Humphries opines that the hardest part of creating a new design is coming up with a car that is relevant to the company’s policies as well as what the customers really want.

“The new product that we have created will standard proof for Lexus’ potential and the type of cars that we could deliver. It is an artistic, expressive and a premium product which has the capability to win when compared against any other competitors’ offering. It allows Lexus to position itself in a unique place and giving the brand the winning edge,” said Humphries.

While it was officially showcased for the first time at the 2016 Paris auto expo, the car has been leaked almost a month ago. From the pictures, it is easy to deduce the sharp fender lights, headlights and taillights with an aggressive front fascia.The older four-wheel drive models usually have a large ground clearance.

However, the new Lexus UX concept model has a low ground clearance with coupled driving position. The setup allows the car to achieve dynamic performance enclosed within a compact design. Most customers may not have the chance to view the car from the top but when you do so, Lexus engineers confirmed that the overall design will look like an X-shape that gives the SUV a refined level of air displacement when traveling at top speed.

Every component in the car including the wheel arches, the door cameras and the roof bar are designed to look as if they are inside out. A sportier profile is what the team aimed to achieve with the Lexus UX concept and from the pictures, we are sure they have managed to accomplish it. The A-pillars used in the SUV are a mix of aluminum and polycarbonate materials.

Lexus UX Paris Auto Expo

Interior designer at ED2, Alexandre Gommier said that the team wasn’t sure about going for an inside out look but after much discussion they all agreed to adopt it. A strong appeal is what they wanted to give to the UX concept, both on the inside and the outside of the SUV besides massive power under the hood. Lexus didn’t discuss the powertrain at the show.

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