Lotus Elise 2019 Edition Expected to be a Commuters Car

Brand Lotus has been around for a while, but the company was never favored by commuters or people who use their sedans on a daily basis. The section was dominated by Honda, BMW, Audi among other brands.

The new range of cars, especially the popular Elise 2019 edition is expected to be more commuter friendly, confirmed the company in a statement. They added that they are working to make some minor, but definitive changes to the car so that people could use it on a day to day basis without any difficulty.


When the cars get launched in the next few years, it will be totally different from the ones that you have seen. The company has already promised to deliver a SUV by 2020. While there are plenty of models to look forward to, Elise is considered to be the most important of them all. It is the one that defined Lotus and the brand value.

The next gen Elise will get launched in 2019 according to the company. The lightweight sports car will make use of a carbon fiber and an aluminum chassis making it easy to dive, but robust at the same time.

Speaking about the upcoming model, Jean Marc Gales, CEO of Lotus said, “We are yet to decide a lot of things about the Elise that is scheduled for 2019 launch. The team is working to find the right balance between sporty looks and performance that an average commuter would expect. With plenty of time to go, the people in our team will integrate the best things to make the car a worthy purchase”.

He added that they are looking to add an Elise, Exige and Roadster version. The upcoming version of the car promises to bring back the benchmark handling that it is known for. While it might undergo drastic design changes, it will still look very much the Elise that people have come to love in the past.


In the new design, the chassis will be narrower in design and aluminum will be used in place of fiber glass materials. The rear panel will also receive significant tweaks and the roof will be entirely made of carbon fiber materials. A sports version of the Evora 400 is also on the cards, confirmed the CEO, who is as much excited as everyone else to see the Elise 2019 edition in action when it gets officially launched.

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