Lotus SUV Production to Begin Soon, Set For Other Regions in Asia

Lotus is a popular brand in Europe but is less known to buyers in the Asian market.

In order to establish a stronghold in the region, the automobile manufacturer is going to launch a Lotus SUV soon.


Buyer demand is always in the higher side in issue which requires a reliable production plant to support it. A new plant is being constructed in China in order to keep delivering vehicles without any delay. The country is the most preferred spot for many companies as it allows them to get the necessary components produced and the vehicle constructed at the same spot. Lotus announced that once the construction is complete, they will start production of the SUV and it may go on sale in 2019.

The factory is located in Guangzhou which is considered the strongest location for the automobile industry. The head of Lotus also added that the company played a huge role in helping them establish the location. The upcoming SUV from Lotus is going to be completely different in terms of design and performance. The brand has always had a focus on making their cars efficient and many of them were two seaters. Such an approach will hardly work in Asia which is why they decided to go with bigger cars.

While there is still no official information available, inside sources claimed that Lotus is planning to launch the concept model at a popular auto expo scheduled to take place next year. It could most probably be in the first quarter of 2017. The concept will provide a clear view of how the car could look like.

Instead of going with exquisite build and components, the Lotus SUV will focus on being fuel efficient. The model is expected to be priced in an affordable point so that majority of the buyers could go for it without second thoughts. Asian markets are always about quantity and when the car is sold in large numbers with minimal pricing, they can always make a profit. It is also speculated that Lotus has plans to launch a sedan version of their elite models after the successful launch of their SUV.


The company’s top representatives also confirmed that the upcoming SUV will not only be sold in China but will also be sold in others parts of the continent. The goal is to acquire as many new customers as possible to establish their brand in a new region.

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