Luxurious Lounge Class Interiors Coming to Volvo S90

Volvo S90 is getting a significant upgrade as part of which the manufacturer is looking forward to add luxurious lounge class interior console to the car. It was shown at the 2016 Beijing auto show.

The Lounge Console is expected to be part of the S90 Excellence sedan which is going to be the top of the lineup in the series. The sedan is expected to offer the best level of luxury in every perspective and provide customers whole new ways to explore entertainment. The company’s head added that they have witnessed positive response from all their users who have had the chance to use the center console.

Volvo S90 Interiors

“The Lounge Console Concept found in the XC90 tries to replicate reality where everything is usually available at a fingertip. The idea is to not integrate technology stuff but rather make them seamless. Our aim is to create a piece of art similar to a sculpture and many of the concepts from the previous years have found its way into the car,” said Robin Page. He is the vice president of interior design and takes responsibility to change it once for all.

Rear seats are completely detached from the front part and are equipped with a large center screen console. In order to depict how it works, the company has released an official image. It showcases a seat which is similar to the ones found in the first class section in airlines with huge cushions and complete movement control. The seats can not only be heated or cooled based on the temperature but can also be used to enjoy a massage on the go.

Using a massage chair in a car might sound like an overkill at the moment but Volvo strongly believes that when autonomous technology becomes mainstream, people will have plenty of time to relax and rejuvenate. They are expected to enjoy reading, talking to each other, watch movies, drink and maybe even want to get massaged like a SPA.

Volvo S90 Excellence interior

The center console is located between the seats and has two crystal glasses made by Orrefors. The front passenger seater is no longer found in the Volvo S90 excellence. There is no word on how it will be removed. It could either be folded or completely removed to act as a heated footrest. There’s a mobile working station, storage space and the screen is fully adjustable like one would do with a tablet.

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