Lynk & Co, the New Automotive Brand Launches 01 SUV

Lynk & Co is a brand new automotive brand from the house of Geely and the company launched its first ever SUV.

Instead of going for a usual name, they simply call it as the 01 SUV with a number.

Lynk & Co

Geely is a popular Chinese automobile manufacturer which is little known to the global audience. However, the company is all set to change the situation by launching a new brand that is going completely global. Powered by the experience they have gathered through the years and the industrial setup, Geely is pushing a brand named Lynk & Co. The new brand is set to make a worldwide mark.

The idea is being proposed with the help of international designers and automobile engineers from different parts of the world. Majority of the team is comprised of people from Sweden who play an integral role in designing sophisticated, premium and high-end vehicles. According to Geely, the company’s new SUV and all other cars in the lineup will be on par with the quality offered by Honda, BMW, Toyota, Ford and Hyundai.

The mainstream products launched by General Motors and other competitors will face brand new competition from Lynk & Co products. Named the 01 SUV, the new car will find its way to Chinese stores by the end of 2017. The auto brand has confirmed that they plan to start off by launching in China as they have a stronghold in their home market before bringing the vehicle to U.S. as well as Europe by 2018.

According to the official statement released by the company, Lynk & Co would have launched four different vehicles in multiple categories. It includes a five-door hatchback, a crossover, sedan with three-doors and another model. The company has also planned to launched a fifth model which will be an all-wheel drive car.

Lynk & Co interior

As part of the product plan, the new auto brand aims to create a strong audience base for themselves by the year 2018. While they may take some time to establish the brand as a recognizable name in the world of automobiles, the new name comes just in time as hybrids and electric cars are becoming popular. If Lynk & Co could launch EVs by 2020 or so, they can easily attract attention from the crowd by being one among the pioneers in the industry. Tesla created a market for themselves and probably new auto companies could do the same.

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