Major Share of Cars Feature Autonomous Safety Tech, Self-Driving is Still Distant

A recent study revealed that at least fifty percent of cars sold in the US, UK and Europe besides specific parts of the world are equipped with autonomous safety technology.

It includes features like automatic braking, lane departure warning and collision warning among others.


The inclusion of such technology has considerably reduced the number of accidents and prevented passengers from fatal injuries, according to a survey conducted by the society of motor manufacturers and traders. The survey also revealed that majority of buyers are willing to spend more on any model of their choice to include safety features. Most buyers opt for such autonomous features and make compromises on the comfort factor as they care more about the safety of their family.

Autonomous braking is found to be the most wanted feature of all time. If an imminent collision is detected by the car and in a scenario when the driver is unable to react in time, the vehicle automatically applies the brake to save everyone. The system was integrated in more than million cars in the United Kingdom. It is slowly becoming a standard feature found in all major models, especially the ones priced above the lowest range.

The next in the list is blind spot monitoring and the analysis revealed that a feature like adaptive cruise control which was considered to be the latest in technology is now exceptionally common in every car. It is expected that by the year 2030 autonomous features will override manual controls and majority of vehicles on road will be powered with automatic driving technology.

While a major percentage of passengers are ready to adopt autonomous driving and buy such cars, there are plenty of regulations and real life hurdles that automobile companies have to cross before creating such models. It will take another decade or more for such a futuristic technology to come into usage, added the team who conducted the survey.

Electric motor powered EVs are gaining traction. They have already ushered in technologies like huge touch screen interfaces, adjustable center console, dashboard modifications and increased performance. Once the electric vehicles become mainstream, it won’t be long before self-driving technology is implemented.


Results estimated that adoption of technology has led to decreased accidents and has made life easier for drivers who found it difficult to park or maneuver difficult areas with ease as the system is capable of guiding them all along.

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