Maserati Planning New EV to Beat Tesla’s Model 3, Slated for 2018 Launch

Like most other automobile makers, Fiat Chrysler is working on its own version of the Tesla Model 3. The cheaper electric car with an impressive mileage is expected to get launched in 2018.

Maserati Alfieri

The model is still in its early production stages and Fiat may have to work on a lot of technical stuff before they could create such powerful battery. Besides, the brand is also expected to keep the pricing of the car lower than the $35,000 mark set by Tesla. The Model 3 variant from the company is scheduled for launch in 2018. Pre-orders for the car have already begun and the automaker has made billions in profit.

Tesla is not without its share of issues because the engineers took so much time to deliver the Model S and the Model X SUV. A lot of logistical and technical issues were cited as the reason. However, the brand has finally come out of the initial hassles and are totally ready to embrace the future with their electric cars. Other companies are simply following the benchmark set by Tesla while facing obstacles of their own.

The upcoming model is expected to be the Maserati Alfieri sports car. A concept car of the same was originally debuted during the 2014 Geneva motor show. It should give people a glimpse of what the company might be working on. The model showcased was powered by a gasoline engine and Maserati had no plans to make it into a hybrid or an electric car at that moment. With things rapidly changing in the automobile industry, the possibility of an EV was confirmed which now paved way for the Maserati Alfieri in 2018.

There’s also a rumor that the brand doesn’t plan to roll out the Alfieri before the company’s CEO SergioMarchionne retires off his position in 2019. The news could possibly be considered baseless because he is interested in building hybrids and electric vehicles. He may choose to launch the first EV before he retires from his prestigious position.

Maserati Alfieri rear

Above all this, the electric lineup is still expanding and Fiat is building more. They are working on building a small EV which is set to be sold only in Europe for now. Throughout history, Fiat has always refrained from making electric cars but in order to stay ahead of competition, they are going to change their policy and adopt innovation.

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