Mazda 3 Sport Black Special Edition Features Detailed

Mazda 3 has received a new Sport Black edition which goes on sale from the 1st of April.

The car features extensive black colored variant on the exterior and the interior. Buyers who love exclusivity and deep black finish are the primary audience the Mazda 3 aims to satisfy.


The car is powered by a 2.0-liter SKYActiv G petrol engine. The engine is capable of rendering a total of 118 horsepower. The performance level is exactly the same as the original model. The designers have worked to change the appearance of the car in various aspects but no changes have been made to the power train. It also made it easier for them to keep the pricing of the model as close as possible to the base variant.

The core components of the Mazda 3 Sport Black Edition are made using 18-inch gunmetal alloys which makes it look premium and sturdy. Black styling kits are used in the rear spoiler, rear bumper, door mirrors and the front/rear side skirts. The bumper is upgraded to feature splitter style design. There are two different color choices available for the particular model, the white pearlescent paint and a deep red. It’s purely an individual’s choice to go for the one that they prefer.

An all-black interior finish is what the designers of the sport black edition has opted for. Almost every popular model in the market has such an offering and the Mazda 3 now officially joins the lineup. The suede upholstery combined with the bespoke mats adds a touch of elegance to interiors. They are all stitched out of high quality black leather material. The leather quality is quite satisfactory and it is used as the default option.

Standard kit on all Mazda 3 models include a surround sound system provided by Bose. While the components from the particular brand is quite expensive to be purchased individually, it is being offered as part of kit without increasing the overall cost of the car. Other features provided in the model includes dual zone climate control, cruise control and keyless entry. The infotainment system is equipped with a seven-inch touchscreen display which makes navigation easy.


The Sport Edition of the Mazda 3 will be extremely limited in quantity so as to maintain the exclusivity factor. Only 800 of these models will be produced and delivered to dealership stores. People who reserved the model will start receiving it from April 1st onwards.

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