Mazda 6 Gets Upgraded With New G-Vectoring Technology

Mazda 6 family of cars are upgraded with the new G-vectoring technology the company revealed during an expo last year.

2017 Mazda6

It was more of an experimental idea a year ago but there are plenty of benefits in incorporation G-vectoring in car. The benefits have encouraged the engineers to implement it in Mazda 6 series car. When a model has the feature, the engine torque will automatically make some slight adjustments while the driver is steering the car. At first look, the idea sounds extremely complicated but a lot of components and technical ideas have been invested to make this possible.

With the feature, a driver who maneuvers the car for long distances on a trip will find that the steering response is much better and allows more grip. You don’t have to control the wheel at all times as minor adjustments in the engine will automatically help the car stay on the road and move at a steady speed.

The new Mazda 6 series with G-Vectoring technology uses the same powertrain as before. The car has a 2.0-liter petrol engine and 2.2-liter diesel engine variants. Mazda offers two different diesel powertrains to choose from Usually, diesel versions are louder when compared to a petrol engine. The brand has solved this problem by incorporating the Natural Sound Smoother Technology known as the NSS.

A special sound dampener used in the engine will keep things under control even when it is under full load and exerting its maximum power. The responsiveness of the powertrain has also been tweaked, said a Mazda engineer. The comfort level is boosted with sound-deadening materials, thicker door seals and layered floor.

Mazda insiders said that the new Mazda 6 series cars also reduces sound generated by the wind when the car is moving fast. A new paint color is offered by the team to differentiate the G-vectoring system from the other cars. Buyers can now go for a Machine Grey Metallic color variant.

Mazda 6

The steering wheel is now leather wrapped and there’s a big heads-up display in the Sports Nav model along with traffic sign recognition system. The special edition also has heated steering wheel, electric memory seats while SE-L Navigation system is now available on all models irrespective of the trimline you go for.

The new generation Mazda 6 cars with all these features and more are heading to UK showrooms in Autumn. The pricing will be similar to the outgoing model starting at £19,795.

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