Mazda CX-4 Teaser Image Released Before Beijing Show

The brand launched a teaser image of the Mazda CX-4 crossover days ago and now another teaser has landed right before the Beijing auto show. With plenty of such photos, the company has definitely got the crowd hyped for its new launch.

Before you get ready to pre-order the model, it is important to know that the company is going to manufacture and sell the car exclusively in China. It is confirmed that the model will land in other regions but it may take time before they start rolling the new CX-4 to the rest of the world. In order to capture the audience and convince them to buy it, the launch is scheduled to take place at the Beijing auto expo.


Based on the response the brand receives in China and sales reports, Mazda will come to a conclusion and pick the best regions where the crossover has potential to make more sales. As the country is the largest populated in the world, there is also a probability that they may be totally satisfied with the profit made there and decide to never bring it to consumers in other parts of the world. You can still take a look at the exclusive teaser image to know how it looks.

The next Mazda CX-4 is exactly the same as the Koeru concept launched by the company at the Frankfurt motor show last year. While the Koeru is a concept model which is yet to go into production, the new Mazda is more buyer friendly and hosts all the features except for the ones that are specifically made for the concept car. The side silhouette shown in the image confirmed its similarities with the Koeru. With a slim design, the car looks athletic and has low ground clearance giving it a sporty finish.

By reducing the right height and lowering the roofline, Mazda has achieved a new style of aerodynamics with the CX-4. It is considered as the sporty option for buyers who were impressed with the CX-5 but wanted one in a different price bracket with stylish design. The decreased roofline and height also boosts the performance of the car. Official numbers are yet to be out but it is evident that it will be much higher than the earlier models.


Skyactiv technologies are incorporated into the Mazda CX-4. The add-ons will be evident in engine, transmission system and the body. A 2.5-liter I-4 powertrain is a likely option coupled with a six speed transmission system.

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