Mazda MX-30 Brings in Mild Hybrid Tech, New Revamped Powertrain

The Mazda MX-30 is a popular variant in Europe where everyone lauded the performance but in a twist of events, the company has launched it as a mild hybrid variant.

It is a wonder how they managed to deliver a fully electric car as a mild hybrid but they have managed to pull it off in Japan in this latest launch as it is powered by a hybrid combustion engine powertrain.

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On the inside, the car is powered by the newest Skyactiv-G 2.0-liter direct injection technology powertrain. The particular engine has been mated with a Mazda M Hybrid engine. It is capable of producing about 5.1 kW of power paired with a 24-volt battery that would enable people to move around within a specific range. However, the selling point is that it would enable regenerative braking and other features rather than contributing to the overall mile range like a truly electric car could deliver.

Improved Engine System

In a teardown video of the vehicle, the Mazda MX-30 it has been confirmed that the new vehicle will be equipped with a motor-assist system. The controlled braking and additional improvements will allow the car to achieve the highest level of acceleration. Despite all the good things about the new mild hybrid edition, it is still far from being an eco-friendly, fuel-efficient vehicle when compared to the fully electric edition launched in Europe. The lack of adoption in Japan and most other markets have been keeping automobile makers from suddenly going all-electric as it might disrupt the existing ecosystem.

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Besides, most major brands are aiming to bring in multiple EVs only by 2025 and there is still time to reach that deadline. In this particular model, it is far less because the original EV uses a 104kW motor and a huge 355-volt battery to keep powering it for tens of miles without having to hit the charging station.

In their official statement, Mazda has confirmed that they will launch the full EV version of the Mazda MX-30 probably in 2021. To make it more affordable for the average buyer, they have planned to partner with local vendors and provide it on a lease. A similar option is being made available on many products including software, movies and smartphones which is why the automobile industry would want to adopt it wherever necessary. The pricing of the mild-hybrid variant is pegged at $22,900 but will go all the way up to $32,100 when local taxes and other duties are added to it.

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