Mazda Ready to Showcase Sports Car with Rotary Engine at Tokyo Show

The Tokyo auto expo show has attracted all the big players in the automobile industry and Mazda is going to be one of them.

As expected, the company will be showcasing some of their upcoming vehicles as well as brand new concept cars. Latest news confirmed that the brand is looking forward to introduce rotary engines in their sports car, which seems like a unique concept that most may shy away from. There is a general notion that rotary engines are experimental and cannot be used to meet the stringent eco standards set by agencies around the globe.


However, Mazda has explored the possibility of using one. Kiyoshi Fujiwara, the head of the R&D talked in length about the SkyActiv-R, the concept sports car which features a two door, two seat design coupled with a brand new rotary engine.

“We are really proud to say that our engineers have managed to work on this innovative concept and have made it possible for modern day use. They have come up with ideas that form an integral part of the DNA of our future cars and it will soon be synonymous with the Mazda brand. It is to be called as SkyActiv-R”, said Fujiwara.

President and CEO of Mazda had similar claims to make about their concept car. Masamichi Kogai confirmed that it is going to be a two door, two seater design. The Tokyo Motor Show will witness the launch of the MX-5 as well as the sports concept car at the same time. Apart from these models, there are claims that they will launch the Mazda 967 Cosmo Sport 110S which will be the first ever model to be mass produced with a rotary engine on the inside.

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The RX brand is all set to make a comeback, but if you are planning to buy one, you may have to wait at least until 2018, confirmed the team. The year marks a significant occasion in their history because it is the 40th anniversary of the RX-7 and obviously the brand opines that it is a great time to bring the RX-8 to the public.

Emission regulations have been forcing automobile manufacturers to abandon many technologies including rotary engines. However, Mazda is not giving up easily. But, at the same time, it is evident that diesel engines are going out of fashion due to emission control and may soon get replaced by electric cars in the near future.

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