McLaren 570GT Confirmed for 2016 London Motor Show Launch

The powerful McLaren 570GT is making its worldwide debut at the London Motor show slated this year and enthusiasts are already looking forward to the official reveal.

The 570GT is made to expand the brand’s Sport Series lineup. The series significantly boosts the platform on which the car is built on, providing better legroom and boot space for the passengers. The family hatchback is being constructed with a strong focus on dethroning Porsche from the practical sports car segment.

2016 McLaren 570GT

According to McLaren, the GT is the most user friendly sports car they have made which is equally luxurious and offers the best performance on road. The model will find its place among the existing 540C and the 570S coupe variants. The engineers from the automobile brand has worked to convert the coupe into a GT. It is evident in the rear end where a convex glass is used instead of the carbon fiber and flying buttress found in the coupe version.

The car boasts of an impressive luggage touring deck. It is subtly hidden behind the side hinged glass and the bottom is lined with leather so as to protect your precious cargo. It is said to offer 220 liters of storage space which in addition to the 150 liters found in the nose are makes it an extremely appealing option for long travelers. Not many models can boast of a storage space which is pegged above 350 liters, even a Ford Focus hatchback can’t make such claims.

Speaking about the new McLaren 570 GT, Rob Melville, chief designers said that they opted for a side hinged glass door. It allows maximum reach to the farthest corners of the boot allowing passengers to stack their belongings without difficulty. The seats can be folded allowing occupants to access it from the other side and grab their bags when needed.

The interiors are equally posh and designed to offer the best of comfort for the passengers. The seats are adjustable and can be heated. The steering wheel support heating functionality and soft close doors emit minimal noise when locked. The exhaust system in the new McLaren 570 GT is extremely silent. Panoramic glass roof offers occupants an airy feel making it easier to be seated during long journeys without feeling congested.

McLaren 570GT

The 570GT is powered by a 3.8-liter twin turbo engine coupled with a seven speed dual clutch transmission system. The model is capable of delivering a total of 562 horsepower. It can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 3.4 seconds.

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