McLaren 675LT Spider Ultra-Excusive Edition Launched

McLaren has released a new model meticulously developed by their bespoke division.

McLaren Special Operations has officially unveiled the brand new Carbon Series 675LT Spider which is going to be an ultra-exclusive edition for their longtime patrons.

2016 McLaren Carbon Series 675LT Spider rear

The new car is built right from the scratch with plenty of carbon fiber components. It draws heavy inspiration from the P1 model which was displayed at the 2016 Geneva auto expo. Similar to the previously launched McLaren 675LT models, the new model aims to reduce considerable weight so as to facilitate better aerodynamics and control over the ride. The Spider edition aims to take it up a notch by setting a new benchmark for the lineup.

The entire car is made up of gloss finished materials with carbon fiber component as its base material. Fiber runs throughout the car including the front under body, splitter, front bumper, side skirts, side air intakes rear fenders, bumper, diffuser and even on the longtail air take. In other words, the entire model is being made up of carbon fiber material. They are considered to be extremely durable, versatile yet lightweight at the same time.

McLaren’s exclusive 675LT Spider also features a cool hardtop which is retractable. It is yet again made using carbon fiber material. The brand confirmed that they have used the material to build forty percent of the car while the rest is constructed with the help of aluminum, steel and other materials. It took more time than usual confirmed the McLaren’s Special Operations division.

On the inside, the Carbon series 675LT Spider is powered by a 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 engine. The powertrain is capable of delivering a total power of 666 horsepower and has 516 lb feet of torque. The same engine with similar output capacity is already being used in the 675LT version of the Coupe and the Spider. The car is equipped with a seven speed twin clutch automatic transmission. There is no manual transmission available and McLaren is not going to offer any option for the buyer to change the system.

2016 McLaren Carbon Series 675LT Spider

A lightweight, track friendly 650S body has been used on top of which the 675LT has been constructed. On road performance can be confirmed only when we have the opportunity to drive it first hand and give a detailed report. So far, everything looks promising but the number of cars is going to be extremely limited with a high price tag because of the innovative material used to construct this vehicle.

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