McLaren is Working on an Entry Level 600HP Model with V6 PHEV Engine

The brand name McLaren and entry-level, budget variants often don’t sync with one another but this time, they are going after the market in an aggressive style.

The newest plug-in hybrid model will be powered by a V6 powertrain. It doesn’t stop there because it is still capable of delivering a solid 600 horsepower while being a hybrid version for those who like it.

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All major automobile manufacturers are moving towards an all-electric future albeit in a slow fashion. It will take another five years for EVs to become really common but when all of them are stepping in the right direction, it doesn’t hurt for a brand like McLaren to do the same. They are under pressure to deliver excellent speed and an exciting driving experience as they have always done with the gasoline-powered variants.

An Entry Level McLaren

Instead of going all out with an electric car, they are not going to disrupt their fan base immediately. Instead, the newer hybrid variant will strike a fine balance between power and efficiency. The new model will be powered by the latest V6 engine which will be mated to a plug-in hybrid system. According to their official statement, the powertrain is capable of achieving an “astonishing performance and intense driving” experience that people would love to own when it gets launched.

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Being a twin-turbocharged V6 engine assures it would be capable of delivering an excessive 600bhp with enough torque. The hybrid engine will however be limited in terms of coverage as it can go up to 20 miles on a single charge before it needs to be charged. The process of using regenerative braking and other techniques will allow the hybrid engine to automatically be charged while being on the move.

McLaren has also had to increase the weight of the car to ensure it meets the battery requirements and a new engine. It should affect its overall performance and the ability to be more of a hybrid than a conventional gasoline car. The brand does claim they have opted for an all-new ultra-light chassis to keep things under control while ensuring the performance is not affected at any point. The overall increase in kilograms is much higher than expected but until we gain access and find performance figures, it is not possible to make a statement on how efficient this PHEV is. The model from McLaren is set for launch in mid-2021 and its pricing is not revealed right now.

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