McLaren P1 is about to Receive an Electrified Version

The fastest car in the world, the McLaren P1 is about to receive a surprising new update.

An electrified version of the popular sports model is about to hit stores real soon.

McLaren P1 by MSO rear

Instead of trying to change the powertrain entirely which is not possible at the moment, the auto manufacturer has decided to add an all-electric car as part of their lineup. It makes it easier to retain the original P1 model while offering buyers something new. The information comes from a leading automobile magazine which confirmed that the engineers are buys designing this EV. However, it is not going to be officially out until 2020.

According to official reports, the company has planned to not replace the existing McLaren P1 model and just increase the number of cars under their stable. The P1 Ultimate Series is the luxury end of their lineup which has a price tag that is slightly below $1 million. The new electric sports car from the auto manufacturer is supposed to sit below this ultimate series model.

With a view to keep things interesting, McLaren has set some huge milestones they plan to achieve with the electric car. The engineering team is keen on achieving great results. They have announced that within thirty minutes, the car should be able to reach full charge. It’s a groundbreaking claim at the moment. However, when McLaren launches the model four years later in 2020, it might probably be an easy feat.

They are also aiming to touch an acceleration point where the car can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds. The top speed of the electrified version of the P1 is said to be at 200 miles per hour which might probably be limited on the road for safety purposes. Apart from these, newer carbon fiber components and construction techniques will be implemented to promote better aerodynamics.

McLaren P1 by MSO front

McLaren has a lot of work to do before they can create a sprts car which can deliver the same performance as its petrol counterpart. Most top manufacturers confirmed that electric batteries could always be used in commuters’ vehicles but implementing the same in sporty models is tough at the moment. Giga factories are being constructed by different brands which may allow them to build bigger and more powerful batteries. With years to go, we can say the technology could be perfected in time when the McLaren P1 electric version hits stores.

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