Mercedes AMG C53 Being Tested in Hot Weather, Spy Shots Emerge

The Mercedes AMG C53 despite all the camouflage elements used on the car was spotted by photographers.

The spy photos have emerged online and based on various facets, it was easy to identify that the manufacturer is testing the vehicle’s condition in the warm weather conditions in Southern Europe.

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A revamped version of all the popular models is being geared up to get launched next year so as to boost automobile sales. While the tweaks are limited, they still provide more reasons for the buyers to upgrade their existing car that is a couple of years old now. The current edition of the 53 variants from Mercedes is powered by a 3.0-liter M256 engine which is capable of producing 435 horsepower combined with 520Nm. Being a hybrid variant, it also houses a 48-volt electrical system with a minimal 22hp and 250Nm of torque.

Switching Over to a Better Powertrain

In the beginning, it was speculated that the M276 could be the replacement for the existing models with a new V6 engine. The V8 layout is far too conventional to be used in newer cars but things are changing in the market at this point. There is a dire requirement for electric cars or at least to have lots of hybrid variants to justify their contribution to the environment. The C63 is expected to be upgraded to an electric engine with a 2.0-liter inline-four turbo unit.

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Based on the speculations and some inside information, we can further confirm that the higher end models like the A45 S and the CLA 45 S will deliver its own engine variant to the C53 edition. The M139 2.0-liter powertrain is the one that is being used to power these two cars in various instances and they will definitely be an exciting new addition not only for the C53 but also for the C43. If the manufacturer chooses to replace all their old cars with a more powerful engine that buyers would be happy to pay for, it should theoretically boost sales.

The Mercedes AMG C53 spotted being tested in the hot sun was completely camouflaged which made it extremely difficult to identify the car’s new changes. Both the rear end and the front was fully covered but we can confidently claim that the grille, bumper as well as the bonnet will receive some significant upgrades to justify the increased price tag.

The AMG C53 along with the C63 is expected to be revealed possibly by 2022 unless the brand decides to bring it out earlier.

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