Mercedes AMG E63 Next Gen Models Will Feature All-Wheel Drive

Mercedes AMG head Tobias Moers spoke to the media confirming that they are planning to make the next AMG E63 models and they will feature an all-wheel drive system by default.

Mercedes AMG E63

The brand is finally getting rid of the front and rear wheel drive system to make AWD default. Mercedes AMG has hardly ventured into the territory, commented Moers. But, the companies are interested in innovating themselves and in order to come out of their comfort zone, they are going to step into a whole new arena. The reason behind this drastic change is based on their buyer trend. Most buyers who opted for a Mercedes AMG E63 wanted to go for an all-wheel drive because they wanted to share the power delivered by the engine to all four wheels.

By making it default, AMG can also bring the best performance out of their vehicles. It makes it easier to distribute the torque generated. The concept to be used in the new Mercedes AMG E63 is supposed to mimic the one used in the Ford Focus RS, the sportier performance driven variant of the Focus. When the variant is converted into all-wheel drive, it will still retain all the popular actions including the ability to drift and create smoke out of the tire as one would do in a rear wheel drive.

Speaking about the inclusion of rear wheel steering design, Moers clarified that they are interested in retaining it for other hardcore AMG models but the E series doesn’t justify the system. They will remove it so as to pave way for much better performance and control. On the inside, the next generation AMG E63 will be powered by a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine. The same powertrain is already being used by the AMG C63 and the AMG GT. It will be modified accordingly so as to offer distinct performance in the E-class series.

2017 Mercedes AMG E63

While the 4.0-liter V8 engine is used in multiple cars, the most powerful version is used in the AMG GT R. The tweaked variant is capable of delivering a total of 577 horsepower and has about 516 lb feet of torque. According to industry standards, this is easily the most one could get out of the engine. But, Moers has hinted that the V8 to be used in the upcoming Mercedes AMG E63 will be delivering somewhere around 600 horsepower setting a new benchmark for thepowertrain.

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