Mercedes AMG GT Convertible Expected to Get Launched This Year

The Mercedes AMG GT and the Porsche 911 competition is never going to stop as the brand plans to further intensify it by launching the new GT convertible this year.

Mercedes AMG GT Convertible

The news comes from a reputed automobile magazine and it is most probably true because Mercedes has already confirmed that they are interested in expanding their GT lineup. They have already announced a couple of models including the Black series editions, GT4 model exclusive for the tracks and a convertible. Out of the lot, convertible is the one that is expected to be out real soon.

Speaking about the upcoming launch, AMG’s head Tobias Moers said that the team is really excited to come up with multiple GT models this year. He spoke at length during a launch claiming that the AMG GT R is set to be out in the near future. He also added that the convertible version of the sports car is well beyond its designing stage and will go into production.

“It will be the next big AMG GT launch from our stable. You can be sure about it,” said Moers during the interview. The upcoming convertible version is to feature a soft top which will make it easier for the engineers to balance the weight of the car and its aerodynamics. The type of top used in a convertible determines the complexity of building one. AMG is keen on keeping things simple so that they could push the model into a production version without any difficulty.

The drop the model is possibly getting ready to be launched at the 2016 Paris auto show scheduled to take place this October. The information was revealed by Moers and when it comes from such a trusted source as this one, we just can’t deny it at any point. The car will have a base model with a total of 456 horsepower while a GT S version is also in the cards, designed to render 503 horsepower.

Mercedes AMG GT Convertible rear

Mercedes AMG GT Convertible will be the first of many. The automobile brand has planned to come up with GT Black series but it won’t be launched until the GT series comes to an end. The idea is to keep making good sales and not let their own products affect the sales of older models. A GT4 racer model is being considered and if confirmed, it will debut at the same time. Mercedes is going to be real busy this year.

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