Mercedes AMG GT Convertible Spotted On Road, Spy Pictures Emerge

The Mercedes AMG GT convertible scheduled for launch was randomly spotted on the road and the person who saw it made sure he took some nice pictures.

Mercedes AMG GT convertible

Spy photos are always exciting because they come out much before the official launch of the vehicle. The new convertible is going to be part of the lineup Mercedes AMG already has including the original GT and the more powerful GT S models. There’s even a AMG GT R version geared for track performance. The new convertible is designed to sit between these models as the convertible variant that has style and performance combined in a decent package.

Official information with regards to the Mercedes AMG GT convertible is really sparse. Based on what we have gathered so far, we can confirm that the car will be powered by a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine. It is exactly the same as the GT and GT S models. There might be some tweaks made to it so as to pull more horsepower out of it but it is definitely not going to be higher than the top end GT R variant.

With these powertrains, the car should deliver a good 456 horsepower combined with 443 lb feet of torque. Another version with a tweaked V8 engine will be able to produce 503 horsepower and 479 lb feet of torque. Both these versions are geared towards the average buyer who likes a bit of sporty performance but would also like fuel efficiency and comfort. AMG models are always the best that Mercedes could offer and the new convertible is going to be no different.

The car uses a seven speed manual transmission system with a dual clutch design for better control at top speeds. It is going to be the only variant to go for and buyers won’t have the option to upgrade the vehicle to an automatic gearbox. There is no word on a GT R convertible coming anytime soon because of its insanely powerful engine and the car’s overall design. Managing its horsepower with an open top is hard from an aerodynamic perspective and Mercedes AMG will choose not to go the hard route.

Mercedes AMG GT convertible rear

In order to benchmark the Mercedes AMG GT Convertible, the team has also deployed a Porsche 911 on the road. The spy shots show the both car in action, going one after the another to benchmark its speed, acceleration and top speed. The idea is to make the convertible as fast and reliable as the Porsche coupe.

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