Mercedes AMG GT R Finds Its Way Into a Transformers Movie

The Mercedes AMG GT R is an ultra-hardcore beast on the road which has found its way into one of the most popular movie franchises, the Transformers from Michael Bay.

2017 Mercedes AMG GT R

The car is known for its amazing aerodynamics, a sleek design and huge fenders that can easily catch the attention of those on road. With such unique design cues, it is no wonder the car managed to inspire the movie makers into using one in their franchise. After all, Transformers were always about the best and most badass cars which could transform into robots before you could bat an eyelid.

While Mercedes is known for making their cars look professional and appealing to the elite audience, the AMG GT R is definitely a step apart. For the first time, the company decided to go into a completely new route and made this super powerful car look comical. Despite the powerful engine it holds inside and the ability to go from zero to sixty in a few seconds, it looks like a cartoon car which inspired Michael Bay, director of ‘Transformers The Last Knight’ to make use of it.

In the earlier movies, the character named Drift used a Bugatti Veyron which will now be replaced by the Mercedes AMG GT R. A Veyron against a GT R is something debatable for the entire automobile industry and ardent fans of the models. However, in the movie, it doesn’t matter much because these cars hardly go on the road. This is not Fast and Furious but Transformers where they spend most of the time as robots.

Mercedes AMG GT R

When Drift, the robot decides to change from its GT R form into his original form, it might probably carry the color tone and the designs portrayed in the Mercedes model. We are not sure about it yet but usually most of them pick the design and color tones from the cars they camouflage themselves with. The movie is scheduled to be out in theaters next summer.

With almost a year to go, this is going to be one long wait to see the Mercedes AMG GT R in action. The car is powered by a 4.0-liter twin turbo engine and is capable of rendering up to 577 horsepower which is quite impressive on the road. It uses four wheel steering and has the best aerodynamics. A worthy car to be part of the autobots family.

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