Mercedes Benz Details Next Gen Connectivity and Digital Tech for E-Class

The Consumer Electronics Show 2016 has pulled the best out of most automobile manufacturers and Mercedes Benz was there to detail the next gen connectivity they are aiming to achieve with their E-Class.

At the Las Vegas show, the company proudly showcased its innovative cockpit design. Some of the new features heading to the car include touch sensitive controls, visualization, and detailed animations at higher resolution. The vehicle will be equipped with an aerial system which allows the drivers to wirelessly charge their smartphones while on the road.


Intelligent aerodynamics is another USP Mercedes talked about at the CES show floor. It includes a digital transformer with the capability to convert the shape of the vehicle to reduce its drag issue. ‘Mercedes Me’ is the next gen connectivity system which will make use of the internet to download latest information and keep the passenger updated on latest events including traffic, news, even the stock market.

At the expo, the company took time to talk more about the apps that will be compatible with their ME system. It has been integrated with the Mercedes AMG GT S and the C63 Coupe. The brand strongly believes that the future lies in connected automobile experience.

“People want to stay connected while travelling without having to rely on another device to get the job done. They are demanding a digital car which is what we aim to deliver. All our future devices will be equipped with the Mercedes ME System as well as other connected services, apps to make life easier for our patrons”, said Thomas Weber. He is the lead of the research and developer group at Mercedes Benz.

He added that unlike other manufacturers, Mercedes is way ahead of making cars intelligent and keeping it connected to a network at all times. The idea is to make it customized for the driver in a living environment of their own, while driving the car. They have accomplished it by combining Mercedes ME with other features in order to provide a comprehensive experience that is not dependent on other devices.

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Of late, automobile manufacturers are increasingly concerned of companies like Google and Apple taking over their infotainment system. Auto and Car Play technologies are being considered a threat as they could determine their production costs among other constraints. Ford has built its own which is adopted by Toyota while everyone is busy building their own connected systems.

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