Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain SUV is Heading to 2016 Paris Expo

Mercedes Benz just launched the 2017 E-Class wagon and they are not going to stop at anything as the company is already ready for another wagon.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (BR 213), 2016

The brand may soon have more than a dozen wagon in their lineup. The latest one to join the lineup is the Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain model which is a wagon but with a raised body. The vehicle is set for an official launch at the 2016 Paris auto show. Mercedes Benz is going to compete strongly against the Audi A6 Allroad. The model is yet to find its way to the North American market and by getting there earlier, the auto manufacturer aims to take over the buyers before Audi or anyone else could launch a vehicle of their own.

The new all-terrain SUV is also going to pose a competition for the Volvo V90 Cross Country edition. In order to make it versatile to suit a wide range of terrains, the engineers have opted for a raised suspension design. The exterior of the body is clad in durable plastic and the underbody is made of solid steel so as to make it totally rugged for every situation. According to the automobile magazine, a brand new air body control system innovated by Mercedes will be integrated in the wagon. The overall height of the car is expected to be lowered so as to facilitate the best aerodynamics at higher speeds.

Chief engineer, Michael Kelz had an exclusive meet with the media to talk in-depth about the upcoming all-terrain wagon. He commented that once the pavement comes to an end, the new E-class may not be as efficient as an actual SUV. It is because of the lower ride height and the type of build the team is going for. Besides, the idea is to focus on multiple terrains than a flat terrain where most vehicles would perform decently.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (BR 213), 2016

He commented that all-terrain wagons are for the niche audience in Europe where buyers prefer it for the utility it offers but don’t go for SUV or crossover because it usually doesn’t solve their purpose. Kelz confirmed that Mercedes has no plans to launch the E-class model in the United States. It is a decision made based on buyer preference and present situation. He further continued to confirm the brand may choose to launch it at a later stage. If it arrives, it’s going to be above the E400 series.

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