Mercedes Benz E-Class to be Used by Top Government Diplomats in India

Mercedes Benz is the leading luxury brand in the globe and is always associated with top officials because of the exquisite appeal it provides.

The Ministry of External Affairs in India has decided to buy 55 E-Class cars from the company to make it easier for the top diplomats to commute in the country.

2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class

According to a recent news update, it has been confirmed that the ministry has placed an order for the 55 vehicles as mentioned above and Mercedes Benz will be considering them as an exclusive order. It will not only have the default safety and comfort features incorporated into it, but will also have special additions designed to make it easier for the ministers to communicate with the headquarters when travelling. The cars are being purchased to meet the travelling requirements of select ministers, head of States, the President and the Prime Minister.

Ever since the Narendra Modi government was formed in India, the country has been adopting a couple of new policies never seen before. Lot of them are similar to the practices followed by top diplomats around the globe, especially in the United States and China. The American president uses a specially made limousine to travel and a similar trend will now be followed in India by its Prime Minister.

Speaking about the government requirement, Roland Folger, CEO of Mercedes Benz in India said that the head of states around the globe consider their car to be luxurious and safe for travel. “The reason why top diplomats choose our vehicle is that it acts as a prestige symbol wherever they go. We have developed such an important clientele around the globe and proud to host India this year. Choosing the E-class is a wise choice because it is one of the best in our offerings and is an ideal product that tops the luxury car segment in India”, he added.

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Spy Photos

Mercedes Benz E-Class has already sold over 33,000 units in the country. The one that the Ministry of India plans to purchase is the diesel variant powered by a 2.2 liter diesel engine which has 201 bhp and 500 Nm of peak torque. It uses a 7G tronic plus automatic transmission system and reaches 100 kmph in just 7.5 seconds despite its heavy build. Additional features found in it include intensity control, electric sun blinds, rear crash structure and dedicated air vent for rear seaters to maintain an even temperature.

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