Mercedes Benz E63 2017 Edition Spy Shots Revealed in Winter Setting

A new set of spy shots of the Mercedes Benz E63 2017 model has emerged and the company is busy testing them in a winter clad environment, probably to test the car’s performance in such cold conditions.

Testing the car in the Arctic Circle is no easy feat because the engines could easily get frozen and hardly deliver the horsepower as promised. But, Mercedes wants to make sure they don’t slow down because of the natural environment and live up to the promise to their customers. The upcoming E63 is another anticipated model which is scheduled for an official launch before the end of this year. While we don’t have an official date, it should probably be in the second or third quarter of 2016.


Inside sources have confirmed that the E63 2017 edition will be powered by a 4.0-liter V8 engine capable of delivering an impressive 600 horsepower. That’s exceptionally high even when compared to the power rendered by the Mercedes AMG GT. It has just 510 horsepower and loses its battle against the upcoming E63.

As expected, a wide range of components will be replaced with lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber materials. The change allows the designers to considerably reduce the weight of the car making it faster on the road and more fuel efficient. While it is known that Mercedes owners are definitely not concerned about spending a bit more on gasoline, they do care about top speed and acceleration. The reduced weight allows the company to accomplish bigger feats.

According to the company, it is a huge step for Mercedes AMG combo and will be a groundbreaking announcement on launch. The brand’s representative confirmed that the E-Class model will feature a four-wheel drive. It allows people to easily skid or drift among other crazy stuff that they may do with their car, on the road.


The standard version of the E-Class will make its debut first, after which the E63 will be out. The spy shots are totally camouflaged and hardly reveal any design aspects of the car. It is going to be a long wait before we could see the car in action and drool over its design aesthetics. Stay tuned with us and we will bring you the latest updates as soon Mercedes makes an official announcement of its E63 2017 edition. There’s more auto shows coming up which obviously means better cars and new announcements.

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