Mercedes Benz All-Electric SUV Will Be Launched at Paris Auto Expo

The 2016 Paris auto expo is going to be big because manufacturers are getting ready to launch some of the best vehicles at this grand event. Mercedes Benz is rumoured to showcase its all-electric SUV at this event.

Mercedes Benz All-Electric SUV

The information comes from a reputed automobile magazine which ensures its authenticity. Mercedes is working on a EV strategy and they are probably going to focus on a SUV first. Compared to a sedan or coupe variant, the sports utility vehicles are always the most preferred models among buyers. The brand is aiming to bet on this evergreen sector so that they could sell as many cars as possible once it gets launched. The all-electric SUV model will be unveiled at the Paris auto expo this year.

However, the vehicle won’t be available in stores until 2019. The company is working on multiple EVs and has a line of cars to be launched. This is going to be the first of many. The business strategy is very similar to the one established by Tesla. The first electric automaker in town came up with a sedan and later a SUV. Tesla has also announced a Model 3 car which is going to be the cheapest car with the longest mile range. It is priced at $35,000 and is expected to offer over 200 miles on a single charge.

Mercedes Benz is not going to compete with the Model 3 or the Model S sedan. Instead, they are going to go against the Model X SUV launched by Tesla. Sources indicate that Mercedes has planned to make the vehicle exceptionally luxurious so that it can hold some weight in the competitive scenario. They will also compete against SUVs launched by BMW and Audi. The all-electric SUV is being developed by an in-house team. They are taking unique properties of an electric car and bringing it together to create the most practical EV around.

Mercedes Benz

The automobile manufacturer has planned to enter the Formula E so as to gain a reputation and promote its electric cars. A wide range of electric vehicles are all scheduled to hit the market one by one from almost every manufacturer in the world. Most of them are aiming for 200 miles and above. They make take their own time as the models are not going to be available until 2018 but when it does, E-cars could change the future for good.

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