Mercedes Benz Launches Dedicated Brand to Manufacture Electric Cars

Mercedes Benz officially launched the Generation EQ brand at the Paris motor show.

The company’s new wing will be dedicated to building electric cars and research in making better EVs.

Mercedes Benz EQ

The 2016 Paris motor show is underway at the moment where all top brands have unveiled their own cars and new technologies. The expo, obviously was filled with so many concept cars and plenty of electric cars. Almost all companies promised that they will roll out autonomous technology in the next five years or so even though the concept is still in its nascent stage. The same cannot be said about the electric car segment.

Mercedes launching its new electric brand Generation EQ reveals that the automobile industry is ready to adopt the technology. Cars produced under the brand will be able to travel up to 300 miles or more made possible by two electric motors and large batteries. The first of many will be a SUV. The concept was launched at the expo which boasted of an all-wheel drive system, had 300-mile range and is a direct competitor to Tesla Model X.

The term EQ stands for Electric Intelligence, a Mercedes spokesperson clarified during the event. Speaking more about the launch, Dieter Zetsche, CEO and head of Mercedes Benz said, “the EQ brand will not only stop with making electric vehicles but will go way beyond the same by exploring into the world of technology, innovation and new services that could favor the crowd.”

A new architecture is under development on top of which all future electric vehicles from EQ, Mercedes brand will be built on. It has been specifically designed to be scalable, versatile and has enough space for the batteries to be mounted in. Besides, the architecture will be used for hatchbacks, SUVs and all sizes of vehicles. It will be a mix of carbon fiber, aluminum and steel balancing the overall weight of the model.

Mercedes Benz Generation EQ

Similar improvements can be found in the interiors where Mercedes engineers plan to use large 24-inch floating touchscreen display, a fully digital dashboard and a touch friendly steering wheel. The driver will have total control over the infotainment system and all the functions can be done with a single touch.

The upcoming car will be a four seater equipped with speakers on the seats for immersive audio and large screen for enjoyable movie experience on the go. Generation EQ is off to a promising start.

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