Mercedes Benz Pickup Truck Spied in Germany with Heavy Camouflage

The prototype version of the upcoming Mercedes Benz pickup truck has been spotted in Germany. The vehicle was heavily camouflaged and it was difficult to spot its design.

Mercedes Benz pickup truck front view

The pickup truck has many similarities with the Nissan Navara and Mercedes has planned to launch the model at the Paris auto show this year. However, it will not be the production version but a concept model of the truck. It is expected that the auto manufacturer may opt for multiple changes before approving its final design. The midsize pickup truck is one of the heavily competed segments in the United States. In order to cope up with competition, Mercedes is working hard with its designing team to bring out the best.

Industry sources earlier claimed that Mercedes Benz has planned to name the truck as X-Class. However, new information which has emerged as part of the spy photographs claimed the brand has planned to call it the GLT Class. While they have borrowed a lot of elements from the Nissan model, the front grille is completely unique and has been designed to suit the brand’s long running series. While it is expected to be built on an existing platform, the external components are completely revamped to offer a new perspective to the pickup truck.

A brand new interior has been planned for the Mercedes Benz model. The company has kept the interior under heavy wraps to safeguard it from spy photographers. We were unable to identify the design from the pictures but it won’t be long. Once the official reveal takes place, we can know more about the dashboard, the center console and the interior upgrades the brand has opted for.

The truck is being built in partnership with Nissan as the brand has unique expertise in building these models. Mercedes has planned to use engines supplied by its new partner. The truck is powered by a 2.1-liter turbo diesel engine capable of delivering 161 horsepower with 266 lb feet of torque. A more powerful variant uses a 3.0-liter turbo diesel V6 variant delivering 188 horsepower with 325 lb feet of torque.

Mercedes Benz is eyeing the pickup truck segment which lacks premium midsized models. Once they launch in the United States, they will be opening the market for newer models and luxurious pickup trucks giving more options for buyers to go for. Ford F-150 is the premium model which is currently available.

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