Mercedes Benz Planning to Introduce Four Electric Cars By 2020

Mercedes Benz is ready to join the electric car bandwagon and has confirmed that they will be ready with at least four different EVs by 2020.

2015 Mercedes Benz B

While the wait is longer with at least four years to go, it is promising to see a top luxury brand like Mercedes Benz vying to join the electrification idea. Most companies opined that it is not possible to provide the same level of performance and acceleration as provided by gasoline or diesel powered engines. However, engineers are looking for options and ways to implement electric motors which can provide the same acceleration and top speed without compromise.

In their announcement, Mercedes Benz confirmed that they will release two electrified SUVs and two battery powered sedans. All these cars will feature unique styling and finish which makes it easier to distinguish the car from the conventional models. Mercedes is keen on segregating the segment so that the electric cars don’t pose a direct competition to the petrol engine powered models.

“The four electric vehicles will share some basic elements and use similar windscreen besides roof structure. The platform will be same for all four cars but the SUVs will feature distinct changes so as to offer increased legroom, headroom for the passengers. We will also do our best to show how these cars differ from one another with exterior tweaks,” said a representative of the brand.

The sedans will be inspired and borrow design elements from the C-Class and the S-Class models. The electrified SUVs will be replicas of the GLA and the GLC cars. It is expected to be a small crossover. The SUV is set to be built on the MFA platform while others may be built on the MRA architecture and use GLC fuel cells. The next gen technology is scheduled to get launched in the first half of 2017.

Mercedes Benz

With multiple vehicles launched at once, it is obvious that Mercedes Benz is keen to compete against Tesla by launching one car for every segment. Tesla already has a SUV and sedan besides a cheaper Model 3 set to be out in 2018. In the next four years, Mercedes may increase the competition level by launching multiples vehicles at once.

Companies like Nissan, Chevrolet, Porsche and BMW are not far behind. Each one of them have their own electrified cars with more models scheduled to be out in a couple of years.

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