Mercedes Benz is The Most Popular Luxury Car Brand

The luxury car market is extremely crowded with companies like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz but Mercedes has managed to come out as the most popular brand of them all. It is based on what customers said in a recent survey.

The information was revealed by the company based on their sales reports. The brand added that they witnessed the best sales with their S-Class variants. Delighted by the news, the manufacturer decided to provide a full facelift to the existing models. It helps older models come into the picture and entice buyers to go for it again. They have invested enough in order to make this a possibility.

mercedes 2017 C-Class Cabriolet

Compared to BMW which has sold over 478, 743 cars, Mercedes is a bit higher at 483, 487. Audi which is holding the third place in this luxury car race by selling 455, 750. By bypassing competition, Mercedes Benz has managed to top the charts and has become the best-selling premium brand around the globe.

Mercedes representatives confirmed that the company has a strong presence in China. It’s not just in US, UK or Europe anymore as luxury car manufacturers are stepping into the untapped market. Despite the growth, the brand is yet to beat Audi which is the top seller in United States. The sales figures are on a good run for the brand. However, the automobile industry is undergoing a major change at the moment.

Tesla has already launched the Model 3 which is priced on an affordable point and is a complete electric vehicle which doesn’t rely on any gasoline models. It offers a mile range pegged at over 200 miles giving a tough competition for those who look forward to enter the market.

Mercedes Benz has not made any announcements of a fully electric car for the near future. However, the brand has plans to expand their line up with plug-in hybrids and hybrid vehicles with semi-autonomous driving technology. They may take another two to three years in order to launch EVs.


The entire industry is looking forward to a really advanced future where all cars are connected. Mercedes and Nissan has already started taking steps to introduce the concept while other manufacturers are slowly catching up. It is going to be an interesting show in the upcoming auto expos. There are at least three different events scheduled to take place before the end of this year. We will bring you the updates as it happens.

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