Mercedes Benz Reveals Teaser Pictures of SL with New Diamond Grille

Every aspect of a car matters because when these components are put together, you get a radical new design. The Mercedes Benz’s new diamond grille is an apt example because the teaser pictures confirm how a simple grille could change the entire perspective of the car.

The automobile manufacturer has refreshed their SL lineup and as part of the package, they have introduced a diamond radiator grille design. It is extremely unique and stands out from the crowd. Car lovers and even those who take an occasional peak at the front of a vehicle know that most grilles have a pattern made up of horizontal lines. Manufacturers try to create variations by increasing or decreasing the space between these lines.

AMG – SL 65 Auslieferung

However, Mercedes Benz has taken the unconventional route with the redesigned 2017 SL models. The double door roadster is set for a grand reveal during the upcoming Los Angeles auto expo. The event is scheduled for next week, which is when the company will show the car and detail its engine specifications as well as pricing. The picture released now is a teaser, which shows the grille and nothing else of the vehicle.

A similar version of the grille is already found on the A-Class and the S-Class coupe. But, the upcoming SL version sports a design which features minute changes that help it look distinct from the rest. The shape of the headlights in the car is aerodynamic with sharp features and looks much smaller than the previous editions combined with a fully redesigned hood.

We could make only so much from the teaser image. Mercedes Benz confirmed that the company is looking forward to redefining their iconic status with a new range of cars and trucks. In all 2017 models, cars under the SL brand will come with an additional letter designed to indicate the size of the vehicle.


The one known as the SLK will be renamed into SLC and other models in the series will be named accordingly. Compared to the past, Mercedes Benz doesn’t enjoy such great sales with their SL cars, especially in the United States. However, the brand strongly believes that when they revamp the designs of the series and bring in more options for the buyers to choose from, sales will pick up gradually. It is to be seen when they show their new cars at the Los Angeles auto show. With just a week to go, it wouldn’t be a tough call.

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