Mercedes Benz SL Class Camouflaged Picture Reveals Design Aspects

Unlike many other upcoming models, Mercedes Benz SL Class was under camouflage for a very long time now.

While we did manage to find some spy shots of the car, this is possibly the first time that we have managed to take a look at the full design. The whole production body has been revealed in these new spy shots that provide a quite overview of what to expect from the vehicle.

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Going by the traditional design language, Mercedes has decided to keep the front bonnet area short and upright. From a long view, it does look sleek and stylish but it is once again based on individual preferences. The long hood design has often been a trademark solution for AMG powered vehicles from Mercedes but the new SL class continues to find a thin balance between going all sporty and being an all-purpose vehicle.

Revealed Specs and Info

Based on what we have gathered so far, the manufacturer is planning to switch to a soft top. The hardtop variant will be sold separately providing buyers more choices when they are about to go for the final call. The retracting door handles are another addition but overall they have managed to come up with a design that is quite elegant. It does have an aggressive, sporty design at times but the aesthetics are intact.

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There are over a dozen images available that provide us a closer look at the Mercedes Benz SL Class despite the camouflage. The rear trunk has an upturned design while the large lip spoiler is yet to be confirmed. The final version of the car will obviously go under multiple changes before it goes into production. After all, the engineers have meticulously made the front bonnet and the overall front fascia look elegant but the rear side is a bit crude at this point in time.

Being a prototype edition spotted with camouflage on the road, it is still under development from what we can confirm. The spacing in the trunk area is expected to be limited because going by the looks, they are probably working on providing more space for passengers. A couple of luggage should hold fine in the trunk area for a long trip though. It does remind us a lot of the AMG GT and other editions from AMG that Mercedes partnered with but the SL class will be made unique in its own way, we believe.

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