Mercedes Benz SLR Set for 2018 Release Could be a Hybrid Car

Mercedes Benz is busy building a next gen SLR which has been scheduled for an official release in 2018. It comes as a surprise that the company is going to go on an all-new route by making it totally hybrid.

The vehicle is expected to be called the Mercedes AMG SLR which will be powered by a traditional gasoline engine and a powerful electric motor. The company is looking forward to compete against other models like Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and Ferrari’s LaFerrari. In order to make it possible, the engineers are working to find ways for a proper place to mount the engine.


It could either sport the engine in the front or in the mid so as to offer the best aerodynamics as well as performance. The top choice under consideration is a V6 engine, which if confirmed, will be mounted in the front as it requires enough space to easily operate. A total power output of 650 PS can be expected from the SLR.

The designers at Mercedes have been working on a new concept called active aerodynamics which will be made possible if the engine is mounted in the front. Inspired by Tesla’s Model X SUV which featured one of the most stylish falcon doors in recent times, Mercedes Benz is also working on developing a new door concept. It will most probably be the one that slides up in order to render the style quotient to those who own the hybrid car.

In another perspective, the designers are also working on creating a choice where the engine could be mounted in the middle. If so, they will be using a V8 engine which will be coupled with a 125 kW electric motor. While there is no word on its performance and mileage, we do have word from the automobile manufacturer that it is expected to compete with the likes of models offered by Audi, BMW and Tesla.

After all, when they launch a new hybrid car in 2018, it should definitely meet the requirement set by the industry in the year. The car will be exceptionally limited in numbers. Sources claim that only 500 to 750 units will be manufactured which will be sold in select locations around the globe.


The coupe variant of the Mercedes Benz SLR will be the first one to get launched followed by other models in the line-up. Do you think the manufacturer is up to something good?

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