Mercedes Benz W213 E-Class Teaser Website Launched

The Mercedes Benz W213 E-Class is coming to the Malaysian range and the company has launched a micro teaser site in order to add hype to the already popular model.

Mercedes Benz W213 E-Class

The tenth generation vehicle is scheduled to hit stores in the region real soon. It has generated plenty of interest among its buyers because of its sporty new design, improved performance and additional features that easily justify the huge price tag. The car is expected to be powered by 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It is a petrol engine and is said to be the only one available for sale. The brand has planned to limit itself to a single model so that it is easier to produce and promote it. They have also made it that way so as to make it easy for buyers to make a decision.

After the initial launch in the country, Mercedes Benz has planned to bring the E300 variant to other regions in the world sporting a total of 245 horsepower. A performance oriented E 400 is also heading to the stores with a much higher 333 horsepower. It is rendered by the 3.0-liter Turbo V6 engine. There is no word on bringing these models to Malaysia as official sources are yet to comment on the same. They may most probably refrain from doing so and focus on other regions where Mercedes has a stronghold.

The E-class model is built on the new Modular Rear Architecture, also known as MRA which is already being used for the C-Class models. The interiors are heavily inspired by the S-class cars which also includes an array of 84 LED bulbs powering the multibeam headlights with digital car key function. It allows users to convert their smartphone into a key made possible by the Near Field Communication functionality.

Mercedes Benz W213 E-Class Teaser

Mercedes has integrated a new Comand interface and touchpads. They are conveniently located close to the steering wheel. It makes it easier for the driver to take control of the infotainment system and other features in the car without losing concentration on the road. The E-Class car is also equipped with remote parking pilot system, active brake assist, evasive steering assist, pre-safe plus, active blind spot assist and active lane changing assist.

With so many safety and driving features, it should be a breeze to cruise around in the Mercedes Benz W213 E-Class model. Some of them might be offered as part of a package while others will be available on all trim levels.

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