Mercedes Benz X-Class Pickup is Slated for 2016 Launch

Mercedes Benz earlier announced that they are planning to launch a mid-sized pickup truck before the end of 2020. Even though, the actual production model is going to take a couple of years before launch, new reports confirmed that a prototype is coming before the end of this year.

Tentatively titled as the X-Class, the upcoming Mercedes Benz SUV will share a lot of similarities in terms of design with the existing models. The brand is keen on expanding their lineup with better options and newer features but retaining some aspects is important so that their vehicles don’t stand out like a sore thumb. Some shared features include wide tailgate, narrow headlights combined with the popular wide three bar grille found in almost every Mercedes launch.

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The manufacturer is not going to go for hybrids at this point of time and will have the pickup truck in gasoline as well as diesel variants. After focusing a lot on making luxury sedans and saloon cars, Mercedes is focused on growing their light commercial vehicles. The idea is to reach more audience rather than focusing on the elite crowd at all times. They have been witnessing good response from buyers which should become better with time.

A wide range of light vehicles are available right now including the Citan, Sprinter and Vito. The upcoming X-Class will be offered in different variants so as to reach multitude of customers at varying price points and features. It is expected to sport high quality leather seats, wooden trim and premium infotainment system.

Mercedes Benz X-Class concept SUV is expected to be unveiled at the Paris auto show. The expo is scheduled to take place in October which is towards the end of the year and with no prominent expos coming after that, this could probably be the best time for the auto manufacturer to showcase their new model.


The upcoming model is expected to be a direct competitor for the luxury SUV Volkswagen Amarok. It is expected to be out in 2017, as confirmed by Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes Benz. The year is much earlier than the anticipated 2020 reveal which also leads to an assumption that the brand may have more vehicle prototypes set for debut. The vehicle when it gets launched, will be available in UK and Germany to start off with while a US launch is expected to take place once the initial batch hits dealership stores in these countries.

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